in Turnaround coordinator

Why Turnaround coordinator?

This course aims to give trainees a technical background in order to manage and supervise all operations on the ground. This includes coordinating the various actions on a flight between landing and take-off (filling fuel, catering, boarding, freight & luggage loading, etc.), ensuring safety and security rules are applied by the staff, filling in and handling all documentation to crew.


• Coordinate and direct all operational activities within turn round including loading, fuelling, aircraft servicing
• Ensure turn round activities are in compliance with safety, security, operational procedures and processes delivered within SLA standards of performance and compliance limits
• Handle aircraft documentation to crews, including flight plan, met folders, loadsheets etc, checking that the documentation is for the appropriate flight date and aircraft.

Course Content

• General information
• Meteorology
• Human factors
• Current IATA regulations
• Short- medium- & long-haul aircrafts
• Traffic operations – initial level
• Traffic operations – advanced level
• Loading procedures
• Cargo procedures
• Computerized traffic management – ALTÉA FLIGHT MANAGEMENT
• Flight management – practice
• Dangerous goods
• Technical English
• Airport safety & security
• Co-activity


• Exam (4h)
• Altéa exam (min. 90% required)
• Certificate of completion.

Additional information

CAMAS Malta provide a unique and highly learner centred experience for students looking to forge a career in the Aviation, Travel and Tourism industries. Our instructors and methodologies are world class. Our delivery methods include traditional face to face classes with an instructor one to one or in classes with a student ratio of 1 to 12.



• Bachelor’s degree preferred
• Excellent communication in English

Your Strengths

• Flexibility
• Calm approach
• Work under pressure
• Team working capabilities
• Ability to follow procedures

What’s hot

• IATA course
• Professional training by experts
• Recognized worldwide

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