in Turnaround coordinator

Why Turnaround coordinator?

This course aims to give trainees a technical background in order to manage and supervise all operations on the ground. This includes coordinating the various actions on a flight between landing and take-off (filling fuel, catering, boarding, freight & luggage loading, etc.), ensuring safety and security rules are applied by the staff, filling in and handling all documentation to crew.

IATA Turnaround coordinator Course Content

• General information
• Meteorology
• Human factors
• Current IATA regulations
• Short- medium- & long-haul aircrafts
• Traffic operations – initial level
• Traffic operations – advanced level
• Loading procedures
• Cargo procedures
• Computerized traffic management – ALTÉA FLIGHT MANAGEMENT
• Flight management – practice
• Dangerous goods
• Technical English
• Airport safety & security
• Co-activity


Your Profile

• Bachelor’s degree preferred
• Excellent communication in English

Your Strengths

• Flexibility
• Calm approach
• Work under pressure
• Team working capabilities
• Ability to follow procedures

What’s hot

• IATA course
• Professional training by experts
• Recognized worldwide

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