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What is a PACK DUO ?

A new double program which regroupes both general english courses and vocational trainings so you can improve your english while you’re learning a trade in the aviation/tourism field. At the end you will obtain a certificate or diploma.

Improve your skills in a professional aviation or tourism context with lessons fully tailored to your personal needs. Trainees acquire and develop the linguistic knowledge necessary to effectively master their professional environment. Apprehend the chosen professional environment with confidence thanks to this course focused on English courses and aviation or tourism.

Learn how to use the main types of business, administrative, etc. documents. Master the aeronautical vocabulary and the different styles of communication in the field of aviation or tourism. Communicate effectively with these courses tailored to your professional world.

Duration of double program :
– 1 or 2 week(s) of Immersion project (30 hours) + 2 or 4 weeks of a vocational training (from 70 to 147 hours)


Here is an overview of the different options possible, choose 1 vocational training to add to the immersion project between :



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