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TOEIC is internationally approved accreditation, recognised in over 14,000 major companies, government institutions and academic programmes in over 150 countries around the world.

TOEIC tests the everyday English skills of students who require a sound working knowledge of the language at work. It is also useful for academic purposes in many institutions around the world too. For example, in France, many Grandes Ecoles require a minimum score of 785 to award diplomas and in Japan, many Universities and Colleges of Higher Education use TOEIC in their accreditation means and course placements. Our course will leave you fully prepared to gain the optimal results in your tests which will open many doors in your academic future or make you a much stronger candidate in the world of work, for both positions at home or abroad.

CAMAS ENGLISH offers an 8 week skills based course of 20 or 30 lessons per week to ensure that your final test result reflects your true potential. The course makes it possible for you to perfect your skills and examination techniques in the four core language areas to be tested: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The focus of the course is on understanding, synthesising and using academic and professional language with a complete and solid preparation for the final tests.

Our experienced, dedicated trainers will motivate and encourage you, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you will be helped and shown how to develop your own independent study skills and will receive advice about the best access to reputable TOEIC online support resources so that you can continue effective parallel self study outside the classroom in addition to your usual assignments.

Throughout your course, there will be constant score reports with an approximation of score range with diagnostic feedback reflecting official score reports. This will help you to track your progress and see just how close you are to your final objective.

By the end of the course, you will have had ample, frequent exposure to a great volume of practice tests, meaning that you will have a full understanding of what to expect in your final tests. Thanks to this familiarity with the tests you will be in a stronger position to manage all the questions with ease and aim for the blue and gold accreditation. Final tests can be taken in Malta every month and diplomas have a validity of 2 years.



• Fully comprehend specific points about all frequent TOEIC topics
• Fully comprehend specific details in broadcast or recorded material at native speaker speed with different native speaker accents
• Fully comprehend details in the news, lectures, meetings, conferences, talks and discussions
• Comprehend implied and inferred meaning
• Comprehend discourse including idioms and colloquialisms
• Avoid “distractors”.
• Fully comprehend factual, academic and professional material (business correspondence, reports, newsletters, magazines and articles)
• Fully appreciate main details in official information sources (online web page, of cial texts)
• Skim material for general information
• Scan material for specific information
• Fully comprehend sub themes and supporting details in a text
• Paraphrase and synthesise the main points in a text
• Process information
• Avoid “distractors”.
• Speak extensively about all everyday and professional themes with fluency and autonomy
• Respond to questions with or without provided information
• Express detailed, supported opinion
• Make suggestions and propose solutions
• Develop ordered arguments and integrate sub themes
• Incorporate a wide range of collocations and colloquialism
• Eliminate false friends whilst speaking
• Provide convincing conclusions.
• Write formal, structured academic essays of opinion based on topic based issues
• Describe visual material
• Respond to specific questions in an e-mail
• Fully synthesise, paraphrase and evaluate information
• Eliminate false friends whilst writing
• Make full use of proof reading and editing skills.
Grammar revision
• Past, present and future tenses
• Passive forms
• Modal verbs
• Conditional forms
• Phrasal Verbs and prepositional phrases
• Adverbs and adverbial phrases
• Prepositional phrases
• Comparative and superlative forms
• Inversion fronting (after negative and restrictive adverbials).
• Jobs and professional activity
• Office life
• Banking
• Education
• Lifestyle and current affairs
• Entertainment
• Health
• Housing
• Industry
• Transport and travel
• Scientific, technological and medical development.


Your Profile

You have Upper Intermediate level corresponding to TOEIC 785-879 in your current band level and you want to succeed in your examination plans with optimal results, showing your true potential with flying colours

Useful Info

• From 1 to +24 weeks
• You are well organised and have time management skills
• You are motivated and dynamic
• You can respect deadlines
• You work well under pressure

What’s hot

• Quality, experienced trainers
• Dynamic and real examination focused atmosphere
• Contextualised communicative training
• Full student interaction in and examination simulation in small groups
• Best updated examination material on the market
• Provision of complete necessary resources
• Regular practice tests
• Constant progress check monitoring
• Face to face personalised progress assessment

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