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Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
• fully understand all aspects of the position
• manage check-in and boarding of passengers
• know all policies and regulations about airport & aircraft safety and security
• apply communication skills with passengers

Course Content

Work environment
• Organisation of transport
• Legal regime
• Modes of transport

Technical operations
• Passenger flow management
• Check-in
• Boarding

Communication skills
• The basics
• Facing others
• Passenger flow management and difficult situations
• How to satisfy a request
• Communication within the team
• The company
• Contribute to the brand image
• Awareness about physical disabilities
• Intercultural aspects
• Countries and capitals
• Physical and political geography
• Migratory flows
• Main air routes
• Timezones

Dangerous goods
• Awareness training session about transport of dangerous goods (IATA Cat 10)

Technical English

General English
• Basic knowledge (verbs & tenses, grammar, vocabulary, etc.)
• How to express possession, identify objects, request sthg and give an opinion about colours, etc.
• Accept, refuse, deny
• How to ask in order to get a reply, an explanation, etc.
• Compare
• Active and passive forms
• Business English

Airport safety & security
• Prohibited items
• Verification of conformity at check-in and boarding
• Boarding cards
• Safety & security operators (international, national & local)
• How to act with any abandoned baggage, package or container
• Safety & security objectives
• Types of transit fares
• Performance measurement systems
• The importance of involving the team
• Reduction of costs in the long run

Passenger check-in with ALTÉA
• Check-in procedures
• Specific procedures
• Boarding simulation

• Reminder of ramp regulations
• Traffic risks inside the airport zone
• Operators on the ground
• Precautions to be taken
• Rules to abide



• 147 hours – 4 weeks

Your Strengths

• Flexibility
• Calm approach
• Work under pressure
• Team working capabilities
• Ability to follow procedures
• Excellent customer skills

What’s hot

• Professional training by experts
• Fully comprehensive program

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