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Travel Sales and Operations Diploma

Understand what it takes to become a successful travel agent with the IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma

Improve your customer service and sales skills in order to better advise clients about when and where to travel based on their needs. Gain the skills to construct complex travel itineraries and make ticket alterations, and understand how industry laws and regulations apply to travel agencies. Develop your management skills in accounting, negotiating, marketing, and product development.
Since all the courses are offered in eBook (online) format, IATA will send you an android tablet once you have registered for the diploma.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this diploma you will be able to:
• Plan, organize and sell a variety of journeys and travel products that deliver satisfying travel experiences
• Provide professional advice to your clients on the best travel options, customizing and constructing complex travel itineraries with specialized knowledge of travel products and sales skills
• Supervise and manage a team and make business decisions based on sound negotiating strategies, product development, marketing and measuring financial performance


The pre-purchase of two Required and one Elective course is required at the time of enrollment and the diploma is not awarded to retroactive applicants.
IATA course content will be delivered in electronic format and students will receive a tablet from IATA.
IATA will award this diploma to those who successfully pass all three course examinations within 18 months of enrolling.
• The recipient will be responsible for any duties and taxes levied by the country of shipping destination.
• ATC preferential prices do not apply.

Additional information

Students who have successfully passed all three courses must send a copy of all three certificates to the IATA Examination Support Center at the following address in order to receive their diploma:
IATA Training & Development Institute
800 Place Victoria
PO Box 113
Montreal, Quebec
H4Z 1M1

Upon receipt of your proof of completion, IATA will issue your Travel Sales and Operations Diploma.



• Bachelor’s degree preferred
• Excellent communication in English

Your Strengths

• You have good attention to detail
• You are well organised
• You have IT skills
• You have patience

What’s hot

• Professional training by experts
• IATA Diploma
• Recognized worldwide

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